Depression Minus Depression

If there’s one thing I’ve gotten out of this infinitely flexible schedule of mine, it’s a long-overdue understanding of baseline: my brain chemistry when you factor out work, crowded two-hour commutes, living half my life in the closet, the lot of it. Something I learned pretty quickly was what depression looks like when I’m neither […]

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The best view in Zagreb

There’s this one view near my flat that I can never quite get a good picture of, although I try every time I pass it. There’s a park that’s long but very narrow, striped with fountains and flowers but no trees, leaving a huge, beautiful stretch of open air. From there you can see the […]

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I’m gonna start updating this blog daily (or, more accurately, I’m gonna try). That means the topics will vary incredibly, from journal stuff to creative work to cooking (and heck, maybe even some actual travel notes every now and then). Just trying to introduce a little more structure into my days in the hopes of […]

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