Hey, it me.

I’m Everest (Ev), a would-be designer, traveler, and terrible self-advertiser. I’m nonbinary (and use they/them pronouns). What I do right now is pick a country, live in it for a few months, and just generally try to get the vibe. When I’m not exploring the local food, events, and occasional tourist traps, I’m usually trying my hand at some new cooking, or working on some slow-burn projects like building my portfolio website, getting a podcast rolling, and maaaybe even a webcomic. We’ll see.

In college I realized I wouldn’t get to do a study abroad, and sheer spite drove me to save up til I could make up for it by traveling around on my own terms. I’ve covered how I decided to travel elsewhere on the blog, if you’re interested. The long and the short of it is that I’m settling in most destinations for long enough to actually get to know them. I am not one of the exciting new-place-every-week blogs. I don’t have enough energy and I don’t make enough money for that. I just want to know what it’s like to live.

Before I started traveling, I spent several years wearing a kind of catch-all communications cap at a finance firm in New York. I loved the actual work: there was writing (often translating jargon into easier reading), photography, graphic design, just everything I’ve ever thought about wanting to do for a career. However, the daily commute, working in midtown, and not being out at work all contributed to my already-existing cocktail of mental illnesses. This trip is partly recovery time, which means I’m listening to my body about things like how much to go out and how hard to push myself. More accurately, I should say, I’m finally learning how to listen to my body for the first time in my life.

Regarding this blog, that means sometimes I’m writing about adventures, and sometimes I’m writing about things I’m learning about myself. It’s mostly a journal, though if you ever want to know about something specific, hit me up and I may write something for you.

I think that’s just about it! You can contact me in the comments, via the contact me page, or just by emailing everestrae@gmail.com.