Busy busy busy!

Personal post today!

I’ve been super busy editing audio for an upcoming podcast. It’s a super time-consuming task, both because of my general poor time management skills and because there were nearly three hours of audio to work through when I started out. (Hence the drop-off in posting – trying to be frequent here, but I deffo haven’t had a lot of energy for other projects after a day of editing!)

However, I’m only halfway done and am feeling the need to flex a few creative tendencies besides audio , and so I crawl back to my humble internet abode, a poorly-tended blog, to offer updates. Here goes:

  1. Life! I am mostly staying indoors and getting work done. It’s actually really nice and something I don’t regret. I know, I know, I’m abroad, take advantage, etc. I’ve seen the city. I’m working on the countryside. I want to feel productive for a change, cut me some slack.
  2. Podcast! I’m waiting to hear back from someone about the theme song; if that falls through I’ll probably hire someone to make one. The audio I’m editing now will be episode 2 when we’re ready to go. We’re trying to get a backlog saved up in case we can’t maintain a schedule when the school year starts up again. (More details on the show when we release.)
  3. Photography! I’ve been trying to get daily walks in to the many parks in my area, and have been taking some photos of fun things I find. Planning to use those edits as another productivity break, so I’ll probably have a few to post this week.
  4. This blog! When I decided to start a blog I planned it as a journal as well as a travel thing, and I’ve been super bad at that, which is silly! Since I want to write more anyway and I am always narrating my whole life to myself anyway (whoo, anxiety, whoo) I might as well start doing some of that here. So we’ll see how that goes!
  5. Art! I’ve finally picked the color scheme for my logo, and am picking up work again on the portfolio website. It feels good. I’ll also be sketching more pages for my long-term comic project tomorrow as a way to relax from all this audio. Hopefully can get 2-3 final pages finished this week.

And speaking of art, just to keep things light, here’s a comic I did about my neighborhood cats, who are just. So good. (Sorry, Twitter and Facebook friends, you’ll have already seen this there.)

cat yell.jpg

That’s it for today, catch you on the flip side!

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