The best view in Zagreb

There’s this one view near my flat that I can never quite get a good picture of, although I try every time I pass it.

There’s a park that’s long but very narrow, striped with fountains and flowers but no trees, leaving a huge, beautiful stretch of open air. From there you can see the city, the ancient cathedral towering over the hills and red rooftops, everything fading into the mist around the mountain that serves as its backdrop.

The mountain itself is perfectly picturesque, its hills and valleys blanketed in trees and dotted with the shadows of clouds. Sometimes the slightest slant in the cloud cover hints that it’s raining at the peak, even though from where I stand, the sky is mostly blue.

Off to the right is the northernmost outcroppings of Zagreb, built much higher on the mountain than the main areas of the city, little white building faces and more red roofs peeking coquettishly out from among the trees, clean and bright enough to be striking even through the mist.

It’s so, so beautiful.

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