I’m gonna start updating this blog daily (or, more accurately, I’m gonna try). That means the topics will vary incredibly, from journal stuff to creative work to cooking (and heck, maybe even some actual travel notes every now and then). Just trying to introduce a little more structure into my days in the hopes of getting to be a little more measurably productive.

I never feel too bad about not having the wild adventures most travel bloggers seem to do daily; that costs a lot of energy and a lot of money, and I don’t have much of either. I’ve always said this trip was part about the travel and part about giving myself time to rest and work. Six months in, I’ve gotten some stuff done, but nothing finished.

I also just generally speaking miss writing. It’s been months since I’ve written any poetry. The last time I had an idea for a short story, I spent about an hour working at it, went to bed, and never did anything with it again. And on and on and on. And that creative energy is still getting used – planning D&D, working on projects with friends, drawing – but I miss writing. I miss the times when if I couldn’t sleep, I’d get on the computer and write the insomnia away.

So here’s, hopefully, to working on all that!

(Aside: I expect I’ll be sharing updates on Twitter and Tumblr daily, since they’re sort of infinite content pits, but curating more heavily on Facebook. If anyone finds themselves reading regularly or  even just seeing the daily links and having a response, please let me know. I’d like to hear how I can improve my content.)

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