Rutherglen, rinse, repeat

I remember once trying to explain the layout of a made-up city to a D&D group and having the hardest time populating it with buildings. I just couldn’t come up with enough variety to make the place feel like a city. At the same time, I couldn’t think of any more types of stores. What the hell was I missing?


Even a town of two square miles has more than one pizza place, and that follows in Rutherglen. To be honest I still don’t understand exactly how town layouts work in Great Britain, so I’m not sure how big Rutherglen itself is, but the main drag is about a block, maybe two if you’re feeling generous. They’ve also got two hair salons and a barber, a spa and a nail salon, and a few other basics, some in singles, some pairs. I know from googling that there are at least ten Chinese and Indian restaurants in delivery range of my flat tucked away somewhere in the hills of Rutherglen, too. Speaking of which, wow – it’s hills upon hills upon hills. New Jersey would be ashamed by comparison. Even in the landscape, repetition takes the day.

It’s a great place to wander around for that very reason. Hills upon hills upon hills is a good look. There are gardens everywhere. I stumbled across two different parks just getting lost on my way to the grocery store. (It’s also a good place to get lost, but really only if you’re ignoring your Google Maps.) If you like photography, a sweet, floral suburb makes for nice place to just hang out. It’s maybe not so different from where I grew up, but it’s atmospheric. What it lacks in diversity it makes up for in scenery.

Also there’s this this one place called Cafe Gelato that I’m just dying to try.

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