Impressions of London

I just got back from a roughly week-long trip to England – first to London for a few days, then to York. Each had a few specific elements I plan to touch on in more depth, but I think I’d be remiss in my duties as your transcontinental tour guide if I didn’t start off […]

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Make yourself at home

I’ve been stuck inside for about a week after an over-ambitious walking day messed up my ankle pretty good. To be honest, it’s been tough trying to get anything done on the blog when so much of what I want to write about demands going out and taking photos. At first I tried to make […]

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Dressing for health

At home I couldn’t generally present the way I wanted; not most of the time, at least. I’m nonbinary, as some of my early readers already know, but I wasn’t comfortable coming out at my 9-to-5-finance-firm job, so at work I was known as a woman and dressed in a relatively feminine way. This made […]

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Rutherglen, rinse, repeat

I remember once trying to explain the layout of a made-up city to a D&D group and having the hardest time populating it with buildings. I just couldn’t come up with enough variety to make the place feel like a city. At the same time, I couldn’t think of any more types of stores. What […]

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